May 25, 2010

New on the Nightstand

Just picked these up from the library tonight:

Not Even Wrong: A Father's Journey Into the Lost History of Autism (2004) by Paul Collins
• Paul Collins is one of the guests from the Speaking of Faith show about Autism earlier this month and I was really excited to read his book after hearing the show. I cracked it open immediately when I arrived back home and I'm already on chapter two.

Different Like Me: My Book of Autism Heroes (2006) by Jennifer Elder
• Jennifer Elder is the other guest from that SOF show and also happens to be Paul Collins' wife. Her book is written for older kids and is filled with 2-page spreads on famous (and not-so-famous) people who either had/have Autism or it is speculated that they did. Sir Isaac Newton, Andy Kaufmann, Albert Einstein, Temple Grandin... Looks pretty cool to me.

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